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Product description
Name Type Form Area of application Dosage Standards
NOF®-D1, D2

Pumping antifreezing


Powder Liquid NOF-D1: rated temperature ≥ -15℃; outdoor temperature ≥ -20℃ NOF-D2: rated temperature ≥ -10℃; outdoor temperature ≥ -15℃ Powder 2.0~3.0% Liquid 2.0~3.0% GB8076-2008 First Class JC473 First Class
NOF®-D3, D4 Compound antifreezing admixture Powder Liquid NOF-D3:rated temperature ≥ -15℃; outdoor temperature ≥ -20℃ NOF-D4:rated temperature ≥ -10℃; outdoor temperature ≥ -15℃ Powder 2.0~3.0% Liquid 2.0~3.0% JC473
NOF®-HEA1 Concrete expanding admixture Powder Extended long, thick and volume concrete structures which require shrinkage compensatory and crack resistance; underground facilities; structures which require self- waterproof, impermeability, crack resistance and corrosion resistance Shrinkage compensating concrete: 8~12% Reinforcing Band with expansive concrete or filling concrete: 12~15% JC476
NOF®-HEA2 Concrete fluidifying- expanding admixture Powder Pumping and flowing concrete which require crack resistance, impermeability and shrinkage compensatory; Site-cast Concrete roof panel, base plate, slot construction and post-tension grouting Shrinkage compensating concrete: 10~12% Reinforcing Band with expansive concrete or filling concrete: 12~15% JC473 JC476
NOF®-AE Air-entrainingadmixture for concrete and mortar Powder Liquid site-cast concrete, masonry mortars and waterproof mortars; water industrial project, dam project, and those requiring impermeability, antifreezing and resistance to freezing and thawing. Abrasion-resistant concrete applied in roadway and landing strips Powder 2.0~3.0% Liquid 2.0~3.0% Suggest to be diluted as 1:10 (water) before usage in order to reduce deviation GB8076-2008
NOF®-ZX Corrosion inhibitor for reinforced concrete Powder Liquid underground concrete structures which is mainly corroded by Cl-; large scale chemistry companies; reinforced concrete structures used in sea shore areas, salina, saline, saltern and other similar place Powder 3~6kg/M3 concrete Liquid 5~12 kg/M3 concrete YB/ T9231
NOF-FF Compound preservatives Powder concrete structures used in sulphate, magnesium sludge areas, salina, saline, saltern, harbor, marine technology project; can use with other water reducer and pumping admixtures 10~12%; Not allow manual binding; wet curing process with plastic films is no less than 14 days JC/T1011-2006
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